Donating Items

If you have items that you would like to donate to future cohorts there will be boxes in the Urbanest lobby on Friday, May 23 for this purpose. Please consider donating any hairdryers, hair straighteners, clothing, extra bedding, condiments, soap, shampoo, non-perishable food and stationary. Clothing and bedding will be donated to a local charity and the other items will be kept at Urbanest for future cohorts. The boxes will be clearly labelled and specific information about their location will be provided next week.


Make the most of this weekend
As you are approaching your last weekend in Sydney I’d like you to ask yourselves some questions. Did I do everything I wanted to do? Did I take enough photos? Did I visit those places around Sydney I said I would? Did I spend enough time with that new friend?
If the answer to any of these questions is “no” then please use this weekend wisely. I’m certainly not encouraging any of you to disregard your academic commitments but I do encourage you to make the most of your time here. Hang out at your favourite café, take pics with your friends, go for a jog by the harbour, stop by a museum or say good bye to your favourite beach.

Reflecting on your Experience
These next 10 days might feel like a whirlwind. With papers, exams, packing and saying goodbye to friends it might seem like there is time for little else. With everything that is going on I still encourage you to take some time to reflect on the experience. Think not only about the Australian culture, but think about how you view your own culture having lived on the other side of the world. Think about how much you appreciate aspects of the USA and also think about how much you now appreciate another part of the world. I also challenge you to think about how this experience has changed you as a person. Not just your worldview, but how the challenges of this experience have prepared you for the future.

Studying abroad is not just about visiting an unfamiliar place, meeting some new people or taking some cool pics, it’s a powerful transformative experience. By immersing yourself in another culture you develop a new appreciation for the world and the perspective of others. You also develop life skills you will carry with you forever. When a person studies in an unfamiliar place they start from scratch. Without the comforts of old friends, family or familiar customs a student is forced to find their own way. They must immerse themselves in a new environment, develop coping strategies, make new friends and navigate their way around a new city. The challenges associated with studying abroad are what makes the experience so powerful.

Each of you arrived not knowing what to expect. You made new friends, learned new things, and found a way to succeed when things got tough. You had difficult conversations, budgeted and saved, problem solved and adapted to living with five other people. Undoubtedly there were times when you might have felt lonely or even questioned your decision to come to Sydney, but you found a way to manage those feelings and make the most of your experience. Over the next few weeks as you reflect on your time in Sydney think about how far you’ve come. Think about the friends you’ve made, the new experiences, and most importantly think about how you were able to move to the other side of the world and succeed!

More tips for finals
Finals can be a stressful time for any college student and this time of year can be particularly trying for students studying abroad. In addition to finals you also have to contend with packing and saying goodbye to friends and a place you’ve called home for a semester. These extra responsibilities can sometimes send your stress levels soaring. If you are starting to feel anxious about the next week please give thought to employing some of the suggestions below. Some of these tips might overlap with some of my recommendations from previous weeks, but that is okay because I think you’ll find them useful.


Treat your body right – Eat good food, stay hydrated, exercise and get enough rest. In order for your brain to function at its best you should try and do all of these things. There is a mountain of research out there about how much rest your brain needs to retain information. Cramming all night can actually decrease your memory so try to get your 8 hours. Our bodies need healthy foods for energy and our brains will benefit from the plethora of hormones released during exercise. Treat your body right and your brain will be operating at its best.
Create a study schedule – I mentioned it last week and I’m mentioning it again. Make a schedule and stick to it. Make a calendar and mark the dates of exams and the due dates of papers. From there you can prioritize what needs to be done and when. A little work in the beginning makes life a lot easier later.
Study Day at Science House – Join us at Science House for a study day. Relax with a massage, study with friends or find a quiet place to get some work done.
Talk to your instructor – Your instructors are there to help you and they want you to succeed. If you don’t understand something, or if you are unsure about your paper reach out to your instructor.
Study with a group – Studying in a group is not for everybody, but it is worth considering. If procrastination is a problem for you the schedule associated with group meetings can help to keep you on task. The variety of perspectives and the qualities each individual brings to the group are beneficial. Group support can limit test anxiety and the company of friends can take the monotony out of study.
Avoid Caffeine, tea, energy drinks – this one could probably fit within the treat your body right category but it is important so it has its own paragraph. Caffeine and energy drinks can disrupt your sleep patterns. Even though the initial boost might seem worthwhile the disruption to your sleep makes these kinds of drinks a bad idea around finals. Focus on staying hydrated but avoid the coffee.
Use relaxation techniques – Try breathing exercises or try listening to a guided meditation program on Youtube. Breathing exercises are simple and surprisingly helpful. Google search for coherent breathing, deep breathing or resistance breathing techniques.
Enlist the help of others – If at any time you feel overwhelmed or if you would like to speak with a professional the Wellness Exchange hotline is a great option. From Australia just dial 1 800 047 973

Staying in Urbanest after May 23
If your flight is booked later than May 23 and you would like to stay longer in Urbanest please contact me as soon as possible. The staff at Urbanest are making arrangements for students that need to stay after May 23.
If you are staying later than May 23 you might be required to move to a different suite. The process for the payment of additional days has not been finalized yet. I will correspond directly with all students interested in extending their stay when I know more.

Farewell Lunch – Wednesday May 21
Next week’s farewell lunch is being held at the Swissotel located at 68 Market Street, just near the QVB and next to the Myer department store. Please plan to arrive at 12:30pm. If you have an exam on Wednesday morning please make your way to the Swissotel afterwards. Don’t worry, we won’t start without you.
Please bring your Science House access cards to the lunch. Sarah will collect them.

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Farewell Lunch

Our farewell lunch is scheduled for Wednesday, May 21. This event is being held at the beautiful Swissotel on Market Street. Invitations are being emailed to each of you so please respond as soon as possible. All faculty and staff are invited to the farewell lunch and so we are hoping the entire NYU-Sydney community will be there. Winners of the Spring Break photo competition will also be named.

Returning home – What to Expect
With only a couple of weeks left in the semester, now is a good time to start thinking about how it might feel when you get home. Believe it or not, there are psychological phases associated with returning home after a study away experience. After the initial excitement of seeing friends and family, some students report feeling out of place and disconnected.

These feelings are common and are often referred to as reverse culture shift. The roller coaster of emotions you may have felt within the first couple of months in Sydney may also be experienced within the first weeks or months of your return. When the excitement of your return starts to diminish and you find few that can relate to your Sydney experience, you may begin to feel isolated. Below are some tips to help you address the emotional changes you may experience when returning home.
Embrace the new you – Even if it doesn’t feel like it, chances are you’ve changed. You’ve met new people, travelled alone, and successfully negotiated 4 months on the other side of the planet. Be comfortable knowing that things might feel different because your worldview has changed.
Talk to friends and family – A person’s loved ones are often their strongest support during any difficult time. Use them!
Keep in contact with friends from the program – Your friends from the program are a great resource when you return. They understand your experience better than anyone.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help – Professional help is only a phone call away. If you are struggling with the transition, or if you just want to talk to someone about your experience feel free to contact a medical professional. The NYU Wellness Exchange Hotline is staffed 24/7 and this can be a great place to start. NYU Wellness Exchange Hotline – 212 443 9999 or from Sydney 1-800-047-973
If you have any questions please stop by the Student Life Office and talk to Marcus.


Checking out of your room
Checking out of your room at Urbanest is an easy process. Before you leave a member of the Urbanest staff will check your room and common space with you. On the day of your departure please speak with a desk worker to arrange a time for this room check to occur.

Desk workers may not be able to check your room immediately so please allow approximately 40 minutes for a desk worker to come up to your room. Once a desk worker has checked your room please return your mailbox key and entrance card before leaving. Desk workers can only check a room when all of your belongings have been packed and you are prepared to leave.
Step 1. Pack your belongings and clean your room and common area
Step 2. Arrange for an Urbanest staff member to check your room with you (allow approximately 40 mins)

Step 3. Return your mailbox key and entrance card on your way out
A day before check out the Urbanest staff will conduct pre-departure room checks. By taking part in a pre-departure room check an Urbanest staff member can take a look at your space and tell you what area might require extra attention. More details about pre-departure checks will be made available next week.
Things to do in Sydney before you leave
With only a couple of weeks to go here is a list of activities that might be worth considering.
Nicholson Museum – The Nicholson Museum is Australia’s oldest University museum and home to the largest collection of artefacts in the southern hemisphere. Conveniently located at the University of Sydney this museum has over 22,000 pieces from Egypt, Greece and Italy. Admission is free.

Tour Government House – Government House is the official residence of the Governor of NSW. Located next to the Royal Botanic Gardens this beautiful building is open to the public on weekends. Free tours are also available.

High tea at the QVB Tea Room – Try high tea or just tea and scones at beautiful QVB Tea Room. Located on the 3rd floor (north end) of the Queen Victoria Building.

Visit the White Rabbit Gallery – I mentioned it and here it is again. The White Rabbit Gallery features one of the world’s largest collections of Chinese contemporary art. Just around the corner in Chippendale. Enjoy tea and scones or hand made dumplings at the tea house.

Grab a sandwich from Mr Crackles – Just around the corner from Hyde Park, Mr Crackles boasts some of Sydney’s best take-out sandwiches and rolls. If you haven’t tried lamb yet, give their lamb roll a try.

Coogee to Bondi walk – by now most of you have probably walked at least part of the beautiful path that connects Coogee beach to Bondi Beach. If you haven’t been I recommend taking a trip there soon. The view is spectacular.
Walk the Harbour Bridge – There are a few different ways you can take advantage of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can climb it with one of the Bridge Climb groups. You can walk up one of the two support pylons, or you can walk across the bridge to Milsons Point. It doesn’t matter which you choose. The views are always spectacular!
Taronga Zoo or Luna Park – Nuff said


Take a trip to a suburb outside the CBD – Sydney has so many great suburbs for you to see. Take a trip south to Cronulla, west to Parramatta or north to Palm Beach.


Catch a Rugby Game – Catch one of the many club rugby games that will be occurring around the city in the coming weekends. Sydney Uni play at home on Saturday, May 17.


Thank you Kitchen Crew
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who did a little extra for our group while we were staying in the Blue Mountains. To the students that washed up after pizza, to the students that made pancakes and to the students that again washed up after the pancakes we all very much appreciated it. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

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Blue Mountains Trip

This weekend we will be travelling to the Blue Mountains. Below is some information that will help you prepare for the trip. We will be leaving Urbanest on Saturday, May 3 at 8am and we will be returning on Sunday before 12pm.


We will be travelling to the Blue Mountains by bus. Please meet in the Urbanest lobby by 7:50am. The bus trip is approximately 1.5 hours in length.


Breakfast on Saturday will not be provided; however, lunch and dinner on Saturday will be provided along with breakfast on Sunday. Please eat before or bring something to eat on Saturday morning.

Itinerary/What to expect

Upon arrival in the Blue Mountains, we will meet our ecological guides. Our guides will be leading us on a bush walk. The terrain is mostly flat and the pace will be easy. A picnic lunch will be provided.

At the completion of our first bushwalk, we will be taken to the Blue Mountains Backpackers Hostel. Dinner will be provided at the hostel. After dinner we will then board the buses for Scenic World and our night hike. We will return to the Hostel by approximately 9pm.

We plan to leave the hostel on Sunday morning by 9am. Breakfast will be provided.

What to bring

The Blue Mountains is roughly 5-10 degrees Celsius cooler than Sydney. Please pack light, but consider the temperature difference when packing.

Here are some packing suggestions

  • Warm clothing just in case– maybe sweatpants and sweatshirts that can be worn over clothes, and removed if the temperature warms up. It may be cool in the morning and warm later. You can each check the weather online the night before, and dress as you see fit.
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Backpack or bag that is easy to transport
  • Comfortable walking/hiking shoes
  • Change of clothes – consider clothing for sleeping as well as a change of clothes if it rains, or if you get wet.
  • Water bottle
  • Water resistant clothing if you have it

Ideas to help with Finals

Create a Schedule – Whether you’re a type A personality or someone that prefers to operate with looser parameters, a schedule can always be helpful. Assign periods of time to focus on specific tasks. You can even set short and long term goals for yourself.

Make sure you sleep and eat – Your brain needs sleep to perform at its best. Cognitive ability and memory can be seriously impacted by a lack of sleep. Get your 8 hours and try to avoid the all-nighters. Food is our energy source and your brain needs food to function properly. Take time to eat your meals and enjoy the time away from the books. Brain foods include: blueberries, broccoli, avocado, tomatoes, nuts and oily fish. Give them a try!

Enlist the help of others – NYU has staff members dedicated to helping students during difficult times. If you are feeling overwhelmed, need advice or you just want to talk to someone a staff member is only a phone call away. You can call the NYU Wellness Exchange Hotline at 1-800-047-973 from anywhere in Australia at any time, or you can call me at 0429 997 660.

Study Days in Science House

Please join us at Science House and enjoy refreshments, and the company of each other as you prepare for your final exams. If you are interested in a massage, please visit Yuri’s office and schedule a time and date. Massages are limited to one per person.   I will open Suite 8F again next Monday at 5pm. If you’re interested in seeing what former students have left behind, please swing by.

Items in Suite 8F

We have planned two study days to occur in Science House over the next couple of weeks. We hope these two days will be exactly what you need to tackle your finals. On Friday, May 9 and on Friday, May 16 we will be inviting you to spend some time studying in Science House. Food and beverages will be provided, and massage therapists will be giving 10 minutes massages.


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Brass on the Grass

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend there is a free concert on Observatory Hill this Sunday. Bondi Brass is one of Sydney’s great brass bands and they will be performing in the bandstand on Observatory Hill. Take a blanket and enjoy the beautiful view and free concert. The concert begins at 2.30pm on Sunday, April 27.

Cleaning your Suites
I know I have posted about this previously, but as May 23 is only a month away, now is a good time for a reminder. Before you check out, the Urbanest staff expect your rooms and common spaces to be clean. This includes floors, bathrooms, countertops and common areas. Any carpeted areas should be vacuumed and tiled areas should be scrubbed and dusted. As you have been cooking in your kitchens, please remember that grease and other residue builds up over time. This build up can often require considerable cleaning. If you have not yet begun this process please consider doing so over the next few days.
To make life easier, cleaning supplies can be checked out at the Urbanest front desk at no cost to you. If you do visit the front desk, it might be a good idea to talk with a staff member about their expectations for move out day. A conversation now might save you some time later. Urbanest does offer assistance with suite cleaning. For more information about the Urbanest cleaning service speak with a staff member.


Left over items you might find useful

At the end of last semester we asked members of the Fall cohort to leave any reusable items in Suite 8F. Leftover cleaning and cooking supplies as well as some items of clothing and stationary were donated. If you are interested in seeing what is available I will open suite 8F on Monday April, 28 at 5pm. As these items have been donated I would prefer to see them used by all members of a suite rather than an individual. I know some of you have class at the time I will be opening 8F, so please ask a suitemate to go if you are interested but unavailable.


Blue Mountains Trip
On Saturday May 3, we will be travelling to the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains. Traditionally home to the Gundungurra and Darug people, the Blue Mountains are also home to 400 species of animals and some of Australia’s most breathtaking landscape. Charles Darwin crossed the Blue Mountains in 1836 and the trail that carries his name will be the first stop on our trip.
We will be departing Urbanest on Saturday, May 3rd at approximately 8am and we will be meeting our guides in Wentworth Falls at 10am. We will spend the day hiking the region with expert guides including Chris Tobin, an aboriginal elder from the Darug people. We will be spending the night at a hostel in the Blue Mountains and we will be hiking again at night. We will be departing the Blue Mountains on Sunday, May 4 at approximately 9am and we will be arriving at Urbanest by 11:30am.
The hiking will be at a slow pace and the terrain is not difficult. Next week I will provide you with specific information about what to bring and our exact time of departure. This will be our last large group activity and all members of the cohort are expected to attend.
If you have any questions please contact me.

Please keep these dates free
As you are planning trips, please keep in mind that NYU-Sydney will be organizing a farewell at the very end of the semester. We would like all students to attend this gathering as it will be our final opportunity to say goodbye to many of you. We are still in the process of deciding on a venue and the date is yet to be finalized. We are considering either dinner on Wednesday, May 21 or lunch Thursday, May 22. Could you please try to keep these dates free?
I will contact you with a date for our farewell by the end of next week.


Friday, April 25 is ANZAC day. ANZAC day is a national public holiday and a day of remembrance honouring all who have served in Australia’s military. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and April 25, 1915 marks the day when Australian and New Zealand soldiers landed at Gallipoli. The Gallipoli campaign was considered a failure; however, the campaign has played a role in the development of the Australian identity. In the 1920’s ANZAC day became a national day of commemoration.
Over the years a series of traditions developed, which include: marches, dawn services and playing of the gambling game two up. Sydney is home to one of Australia’s largest ANZAC Day commemorations with services being held at dawn throughout the city. The largest dawn service is held at the cenotaph in Martin Place. A parade through the CBD will begin at 9am and it will conclude with a ceremony at the War Memorial in Hyde Park at 1pm.
Over the years ANZAC Day has been very popular with the residents of Sydney. Hundreds of people line the streets of the CBD each year to cheer on members of the parade and hundreds of people are expected to attend services throughout the city. If you are going to be in Sydney this Friday, it will be a good opportunity for you to witness this Australian tradition.

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User testing of website at Science House April 14-15, volunteers reimbursed with $10 Starbucks gift card!

Hi guys! (: I’m interning at Intersective and they’re looking for students to participate in user testing to make sure their platform is easy to navigate and use. ‘Practera’ is specifically designed for Work Integrated Learning Experiences and getting students more work ready at graduation.  Please sign up to a time slot using this link and receive a $10 Starbucks gift card for your time and trouble. The testing will be at Science House, seminar room 3.08, on April 14 and 15 between 11am- 6pm! Testing will take approximately 40 minutes.


For all NYU-S students currently interning: All students currently involved in an internship/ research opportunity please organise a 15 minute appointment this week or next week (by next Wednesday) to discuss your experience so far with Sarah.

Also a reminder that the next internship workshop that is compulsory to attend will be on Wednesday, May 7, 12-1pm. It will be in Science House, location TBD. Lunch will be provided. If you haven’t already written back to the e-mail confirming your attendance, please do so ASAP.

The Show – This Friday

Last week I excitedly posted about the Royal Easter show and we are now only days away. The buses will be picking us up at Urbanest so please be in the lobby at 9:10 am ready to go. The day will follow the same format as the Featherdale trip. We will arrive at the showgrounds in the morning and you will then be free to tour the show at your leisure. We will then meet at the bus in the afternoon at 2:20pm and we should be back at Urbanest by 3:30pm. NYU-Sydney has paid for your entrance but remember that food, rides and showbags are extra so please bring some money. Meals are not provided as part of this trip.

There is lot’s to see and do at the show so please take a look at the link below and plan your day.


Global Ally Week

Global Ally Week is almost upon us! NYU-Sydney’s contribution to this global event is going to be fantastic. Your Ally Week Ambassadors – Savannah Green, Khalifa Niasse, Maddy Paust, Sydney Lang, and Colin Johnson have worked hard to design a thought provoking, engaging, interactive and fun program. The week kicks off on Sunday, April 13 and programs will conclude on Thursday, April 17.

Below is the calendar of events for the week. You will notice that two of the programs require an RSVP in advance. Meals will be served as part of these programs and so if you’re interested please contact me by email.

April 13 at 5pm – Pot Luck and “Pussy Riot: A Punks Prayer” – Please join the Ally Week Ambassadorsfor apot luck in the Urbanest barbecue area before a screening of the documentary. This documentary film follows court cases of the punk rock group Pussy Riot. Some members of the group were jailed after staging a performance at Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ. The group chose the venue in protest of the religious group’s support of Vladimir Putin. Aspects of the Pussy Riot case will be discussed in the Global Media class in weeks to come and so this film could be very interesting for some of you.

April 14 – Sign the Ally Week Pledge – Visit the Ally Week Ambassadors at the pledge table and sign the Ally Week pledge. Signed Pledges will be made into a chain and displayed in Science House

April 15 – Photo Booth – Grab one of the whiteboards we will have on hand and write a message of support. Ambassadors will be taking photos and making a slide show. Join us and have some fun!

April 16 at 12pm (Student Activities) – Presentation by Terence Humphreys – Mr Humphreys works for the Twenty10 Association. Twenty10 is a non-profit organization working with and supporting people of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities. Humphreys will be discussing the findings of a recent state wide study that examined homophobia in New South Wales high schools. Mr Humphreys will also be discussing the short and long term effects of this behaviour on young people. Please RSVP by Monday, April 14 as lunch will be provided.

At 5:15pm the Ally Week Ambassadors will be facilitating an interactive activity. If you would like to take part in the activity please RSVP by Monday, April 14 as food will be provided.

April 17 at 12pm (Student Activities) – What Would You Do – Please join the Ally Week Ambassadors for a scenario based discussion and the wrap up of a fantastic Ally Week!

Photo Competition and Amazon Gift Cards

As I mentioned on Facebook I have not forgotten about either of my promises. I will be judging the Spring Break pic competition very soon. For those of you that updated NYU Traveller with your travel plans amazon gift cards will be coming your way.

Amazon gift cards are still available for any student who updates NYU Traveller with her/his plans. Please forward the confirmation email to me.

Level 1 Kitchen

Over the past few weeks I have noticed mugs left unattended around Science House. Could you please remember to wash what you use and to always return items to where they belong? If you spill anything on the floor could you please take the time to clean it? It seems like quite a few students have been sick lately and so by keeping the mugs clean we can prevent illness from spreading.

The level 1 kitchen, the mugs, and tea and coffee are all items that NYU-Sydney happily provides in the hope of making your experience a good one; however, if keeping the kitchen clean becomes too much of a burden, we will consider closing it.

The building’s cleaning staff does a fantastic job maintaining the building, but we do not expect them to clean up kitchen spaces after us. Please be mindful of this next time you are in the kitchen. If you are somebody that always washes and returns mugs, thank you. If you are someone that has forgotten to clean your mug in the past, please now remember to do so.

If you haven’t tried these Aussie creations yet you should consider doing it soon

Oporto– Oporto chicken burgers have become a Sydney fast food favourite. Opened in North Bondi in 1986 the Oporto chain has grown to over 130 stores nationwide. There grilled (not fried) chicken burgers are some of the best in Sydney.

Donor Kebab – Donor kebabs are available at a variety of locations and are not the product of any one particular store.  Members of Sydney’s Turkish, Greek and Yugoslavian communities introduced the Doner Kebab decades ago and now a late night kebab is as Australian as almost anything else. Donor kebabs consist of beef, lamb, or chicken that is cooked on a vertical spit. The meat is then carved and added to pita bread with vegetables and the sauce of your choice.

Harry’s Café de Wheels Meat Pie – Harry’s Café De Wheels was originally a food caravan similar to mobile food service vans you would have seen at your local or state fair. The original Harry’s was located at Woolloomooloo and it is a local icon. Harry’s meat pie’s have become so popular that now a number of stores carrying the Harry’s name are located around the city.  Meat Pie’s are available all over Sydney but you haven’t really had a meat pie until you’ve had one from Harry’s.

Passiona and Solo – Passiona and Solo are soft drinks that were created by the Schweppes company. Both of these fizzy drinks can be found at almost any corner store. Passiona is a passionfruit flavoured soft drink and Solo is a lemon flavoured soft drink that resembles a fizzy version of American Lemonade. If you haven’t noticed already, Sprite is what Australians refer to as lemonade and lemon squash is what Aussies refer to as lemonade.

Minties, Jaffa’s and Fantales – Minties, Jaffa’s and Fantales are Australian candy icons. If you’re at the movies and you hear someone digging into a bag, chances are they are eating one of these three. Referred to as lollies rather than candy, these three have been famous Australian sweets since before the Second World War.  Minties are mint flavoured chewy lollies, Jaffa’s are balls of chocolate covered in a red candy shell and Fantales are chewy caramel pieces wrapped in chocolate. Fantales and Minties are wrapped in wax paper and the Fantale paper is covered with information about celebrities.

Paddle Pops – Paddle Pops are milk based ice cream bars available at almost any Gas Station. Chocolate, banana, vanilla, mint, bubble gum and caramel are just some of the flavours that have been available over the years.

Potato Wedges with Sour Cream and Sweet Chilli Sauce – It might seem like a strange combination, but it works. Give it a try!

Don’t Forget the Markets

When you’re thinking about things to do in Sydney the possibilities are endless. If you haven’t already, please make a point to visit the suburbs outside the Central Business District. A good excuse to leave the CBD is always the local markets. As the weather is cooling down, the markets might be a good substitute for the beach. There are some great deals available and some of Australia’s best emerging fashion designers use the markets as a platform to launch their careers.

Glebe Markets – Every Saturday

Rozelle Markets – Every Saturday/Sunday

Bondi Markets – Sundays

Surry Hills Markets – Saturdays

Manly Arts and Craft Market – Every Saturday/Sunday

Eveleigh Farmers Market – Every Saturday

The Rocks Market – Fridays and Saturdays

Sydney Fish Market – Open every day

Sydney Sustainable Markets – Saturdays

Double Bay Organic Food Markets




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Global Ally Week April 14-18

If you are interested in helping to plan NYU-Sydney’s contribution to Global Ally Week please stop by the Student Life Office (my office) on Tuesday’s at 12pm.

We are hoping to plan a fantastic series of programs so please keep an eye on Facebook and this blog for more information.

If you have an ideas for Ally Week please feel free to email me directly.


20 Questions at the Belvoir (Optional Ally Week Event)

One of the programs scheduled for this semester’s Ally Week is 20 Questions at the Belvoir Street Theatre. 20 Questions is described by organisers as a “cabaret and talk show rolled into one.” Featuring some of Australia’s best indigenous artists the host of the program asks each week’s guest 20 questions, and from there the magic happens. The spontaneity of this program coupled with the rich personal history of the performers will make for a very entertaining evening.

The Belvoir Street Theatre is a Sydney landmark located in Surry Hills. The theatre is owned by a syndicate of 600 people. Notable owners include Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, Judy Davis, and Sam Neill. Tickets are available for the show on Monday, April 14. The show starts at 8pm and students will make their own way there and back. If you would like to attend this event please email me directly. Tickets are selling fast and so if you are interested contact me soon.


Invent the Future – Leadership Opportunities

As part of NYU’s Leadership Initiative a series of programs are available to NYU students. Three programs will be occurring this April and any interested students are encouraged to participate.

Online Jam – Join this moderated conversation that will explore ways student develop leadership skills. You can drop into the conversation at anytime. Registration is now open.

E-Mural – Post your visual interpretation of leadership to the digital mural

Concept Challenge– Submit your idea for a program that will assist NYU students in developing leadership competencies.

For more information about these exciting opportunities click on the link below.


Volunteer Opportunity

Last week I posted information about a potential volunteer opportunity being facilitated by Conservation Volunteers. This opportunity has been tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 12. I write tentatively because this opportunity can only go ahead if we have enough interested participants. So far three people have expressed interest and I am now looking for firm commitments. If you are interested in volunteering please contact me by email by April 4.

The activity has not been finalized but it is most likely to be a bush regeneration project somewhere in Sydney. Activities for the day will include planting, weeding and creating a comfortable environment for local wildlife. The group will leave from Central Station at approximately 9am and the group will return by 5pm. Lunch will be provided. For more information about conservation volunteers please click on the link below.


The Show – Sydney’s Answer to a State Fair

If you’re missing fair food, carnival rides and farms animals you need only wait 10 more days. On Friday, April 11 our group will be visiting “The Show” or the “Royal Easter Show” as it is commonly known. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a secular event with no religious affiliation. The show is run by the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales and the first “show” was held in Sydney in 1823. The Show is similar to a state fair, as it has a city meets country theme. This event is a favourite for many Sydneysiders and it is one of the city’s most popular attractions.

At the “The Show” you can expect to see a wide variety of farm animals and livestock, an animal nursery, a dog show, wood chopping competitions, all kinds of fruit and vegetable displays, arts and crafts exhibits and also displays from government organizations like the NSW Mounted Police. Depending on the day there are also attractions like rodeo, whip cracking and food tasting. Rides like the Mega Drop, Taipan Rollercoaster and Haunted Hotel are some of many for you to try.

Our group will leave for The Show on Friday, April 11 at 9:20am and we will return to Urbanest by 3pm. NYU-Sydney will be paying the cost of your admission. Much of the event is free; however, food and rides cost extra and these will not be paid for by NYU-Sydney.

If you’re curious ask a staff member or one of your instructors about show bags!


Grocery Bingo Shall Return

I’ve had multiple requests for the date of our next Grocery Bingo. Don’t worry; Grocery Bingo will be back again soon.


American Style Burgers in Sydney

Sarah has just shared a link to an American style burger and hotdog place located just north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Be the first to try it and let us know what you think.

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The Biennale of Sydney – Friday April 4

As I mentioned in a recent Facebook post I will be conducting a series of optional field trips this semester. The majority of these field trips will occur on Fridays. The first of these events will be a trip to Cockatoo Island for a guided tour of the Biennale. The Biennale of Sydney is Australia’s largest contemporary arts festival featuring the work of almost 300 artists.

As mentioned in yesterday’s Facebook message, controversy has brought some unwanted attention to this year’s event with a major sponsor linked to the detention of Asylum seekers. This link between the festival and an uncomfortable and divisive topic threatened the future of the event.

Please take a look at these two of many stories printed in the Sydney Morning Herald about the controversy. Respond to the Facebook message or email me if you would like to attend this event.


Sydney Swans v Collingwood Magpies

This Saturday our group will be travelling to ANZ Stadium to watch the Sydney Swans play the Collingwood Magpies in a game of Australian Rules Football (AFL). AFL or “Aussie Rules” as it is often referred to, was developed in the 1850’s by a group of men looking to find a way to keep cricketers fit during the winter. The game quickly gained popularity and in the 1860’s the rules were updated and a club based competition was formed. Now the game consists of 18 teams from across the nation.

Aussie rules football is difficult to describe. It has it’s origins in rugby yet it closely resembles Gaelic Football. It is a team sport with players working to promote the ball towards the opposition’s goal. When the ball is within striking distance players must kick the ball between upright posts in order to score points. The ball can be promoted up the field by way of kicks and catches (known as marks) and hand passes. The defensive team can tackle players of the opposing team only when they are in possession of the ball.

When our group arrives on Saturday we will be met by representatives of the Sydney Swans. They will talk to us about the history of the Swans as well as explain the finer points of the game. Please be in the lobby of Urbanest at 5:45pm as our bus will be leaving on time.

Did I mention that the players don’t wear pads?

Go Swannies!

All about Woman Festival

The All About Women Festival is being held at the Sydney Opera House on Sunday, March 26. This event is part of the Sydney Opera House’s “Ideas at the House” program. Experts from around the world will be discussing a variety of topics including politics, current affairs, relationships, motherhood and sex. There will be lectures, panel discussions and movies and the tone of each can vary depending on the subject and facilitator.

If you are interested in attending a session please speak to Marcus before Friday, March 28.


Volunteer Opportunity

On Saturday, April 12 I have tentatively scheduled a volunteer opportunity. Conservation Volunteers are one of Australia’s largest environment focused volunteer organizations and they provide hundreds of volunteer opportunities to people annually. A day of volunteering with Conservation Volunteers includes travel to and from the volunteer site, lunch, and a discussion about the region and how the work you will be doing will positively affect the eco system. Most volunteer opportunities consist of bush regeneration (planting and weeding) or clearing space so animals can continue to flourish in their natural habitat.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Marcus by Wednesday, March 26. This is an optional event and spaces are limited.


Take time for yourself

The end of the semester is always a busy time for students. For those of you balancing a lot of homework and multiple assignments, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed. Stress can be helpful when it acts as a motivator, but detrimental when we feel as though it is getting the better of us. To safeguard against stress, there are a number of techniques you can employ. Below are some ideas for you to try:

  • Get up and stretch 5-10 minutes every hour you are studying.
  • Eat and drink well. To function properly your brain and body needs nutrients and hydration.
  • Go outside! Summer in Australia has begun so go out and enjoy it.
  • Your brain works best after 8 hours sleep. Get your 8 hours
  • Take frequent breaks.
  • Get some exercise. Going for a run or lifting weights can be a great way to clear your mind, collect your thoughts and to prepare for hitting the books
  • Talk to friends. Your friends within the cohort are a great resource during a stressful time.
  • Sometimes a change can be a good thing. If you get distracted in your room try working at the UTS library or Science House.
  • Do some breathing exercises. Google abdominal breathing, progressive relaxation or guided visualization. There are also lots of guided meditation videos on Youtube. Just search “guided meditation.”
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